Mindful Parenting (MP)

Mindful Parenting (MP) click here for course dates. 6 week course.

A programme to help you manage the challenges of parenting in the 21st century.  But, just as importantly, to fully enjoy all those little moments which are so easily missed.

There is growing evidence that practising mindfulness meditation can help you cope with low mood, stressful situations and relationships.  (Take a look at www.nimisa.co.uk/videos for some short videos from some world leaders in mindfulness practice and research).

Many participants from mindfulness courses explain how the practice helps with difficult times, but also how it helps them enjoy the little things in life.  In family life, this might be having a meal together, bath time or bed time.  These can either be very challenging occasions or moments to embrace, depending on how you are feeling mentally and emotionally.  This is where mindfulness can help you to breathe, relax and approach situations with a greater sense of calm and control; to accept that being a parent is extremely rewarding but, as with most rewarding endeavours, it has its challenging times.

This course begins with an introduction to mindfulness and then teaches techniques to:

  • Keep your mind present and fully enjoy the good times
  • Cope and find some headspace during the difficult times
  • Authentically communicate with family members
  • Mindfully ‘do stuff’ together!

Each week, the sessions include an array of different mindfulness meditations.  Each participant will receive a CD or mp3’s of guided meditations; and a workbook with some information, home practice suggestions and space for reflection based on your mindfulness practice within family life.

Participant feedback from Adrian’s mindfulness courses:

‘I think it has been very useful and I do believe that being aware of my own thoughts will help me be more in control of my life now!’

‘Very good and enjoyable sessions.  Have learnt some “tricks” to help to keep calm and grounded in stressful situations, both at work and outside work.  Would recommend to anyone!’

‘Have found the body scan and breathing meditation helpful when I cannot sleep.’

‘I’ve really noticed the positive impact.’

Adrian worked as a finance event manager in the City of London and then moved into English teaching and managing in his early thirties.  He has now left full-time teaching to devote more time to mindfulness training and coaching.

He discovered mindfulness meditation six years ago while recovering from a period of ill health.  Since then, he has deepened his practice through Zen meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Interpersonal Meditation, the Bangor University Mindfulness Teacher Training course and The Mindfulness in Schools Project Foundations training course.  He hopes to introduce this wonderful practice to as many people as possible.

No previous mindfulness experience is necessary.  Please feel free to contact Adrian with any queries at adrian@nimisa.co.uk or 07806 570 122.