Introduction to Mindfulness (IM)

Introduction to Mindfulness (IM).  click here for course dates  5 week course.

Have you ever taken a leisurely stroll in the woods and spent most of the time checking your emails or texts on your phone?  While playing with family or friends in the park, is your mind planning the next shopping trip?  Have you ever eaten a meal and not tasted it because you’ve been worrying about an argument earlier that day?  This is an ideal programme if, like many of us, you spend much of your time thinking about your past or contemplating your imaginary future.  If you would like to learn some techniques to help you focus more fully on the vibrant present moment, this is the course for you.

Each week, the sessions include an array of different mindfulness meditations such as the body scan, sitting meditation and focusing on the breath.  There will also be some more active meditations such as walking, moving, and using the senses (such as taste, touch, sight and sound) more fully.

Each participant will receive a workbook with some information, home practice suggestions and space for reflection, and also a CD of guided meditations unique to this course.  These aim to make the connection between the weekly sessions and your daily life.

Please feel free to contact Adrian with any queries at or 07806 570 122.

From course feedback, 100% of participants would recommend the course to others.  Participant feedback included:

Adrian’s supportive and friendly guidance makes mindfulness something you wish to explore more and incorporate in your everyday life. I would recommend mindfulness classes to anyone interested in making a positive change to their lives. – Sharon

I do believe that being aware of my own thinking will help me be more in control of my life now! – Chris

An excellent course. – Roy

An excellent, worthwhile course – Anonymous

About Adrian:

Adrian worked as a finance event manager in the City of London and then moved into English teaching and managing in his early thirties.  He has now left full-time teaching to devote more time to mindfulness coaching and training.

He discovered mindfulness meditation six years ago while recovering from a period of ill health.  Since then, he has deepened his practice through Zen meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Interpersonal Meditation and the Bangor university mindfulness teacher training course.

He hopes to introduce this wonderful practice to as many people as possible.