Verity Sawyer


I am the founder of Conscious Yoga and I have been teaching for almost 10 years. Through the insights I have gained from my practices of Yoga and Buddhism interwoven with meditation, mantra and conscious breath-work, I have developed an integrated practice that enlivens and heals the body, heart and mind.

My methods are based on core Yin/Yang practices that enhances the meridians and organ systems which can balance and stimulate the energy in the body. Movement between Yin and Yang styles of yoga are essential elements for grounding and strengthening and reflects the reality of our lives.  I use Asanas, breath-work, meditations and mantras that are often adapted to reflect the seasons we are in and they impact on us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

My teachings work to address establishing much deeper body connections though mindful strengthening and balancing practice   (yang style) and the deeper more intuitive  (yin practices) of holding the body still and deepening  into the subtle energy systems  and connective tissues,  deepening

our  sensory  and felt perception and developing calmer mind states.