Amy Williams

I first found yoga about 8 years ago. For years before that I was always intrigued by it and always planned to get to my first class but never quite made it; perhaps for fear of the unknown or just my teenage self being to lazy and stubborn to go. Then later in life a new person entered our family who happened to be a yoga teacher who eventually persuaded me to take the plunge and come to one of her classes. Having previously been a dancer for 10 of my childhood years I considered myself to be quite flexible and physically strong but the truth is I came out of the class feeling deflated that I couldn’t “touch my toes” anymore and found the class quite a challenge.

From there I came back and forth with yoga but found it was something that I always came back to. I was first mainly drawn to the physical practice but it has only been in the last 4 years that I have realised that its not about how flexible you are or how many classes you can get to in a week; it was a long battle with myself to realise this and that yoga is not about how many sun salutations you can do in a row, or how long you can stand on your head for. Once I stopped being so hard on myself that is when my personnel relationship with yoga formed.

In the back of my mind teaching was always something I considered as a great thing to do but never thought it would be within my reach, until I was guided to it by the above mentioned person. I found myself taking the plunge and booking myself onto a British Wheel of yoga foundation course. This really made me realise that this was something I wanted to learn so much more about and share this with others. Two years on I am now just over half way through the British Wheel teacher training course and I am loving every minute. Learning about something that you love really is such an exciting process and one that I am truly immersed in. I have been teaching a steady beginners class for almost a year now and feel that every week my confidence in teaching grows.

What I love about yoga as that it is always evolving and there is always something new to learn which makes it a life long vocation. I work with children with special needs and life limiting illnesses so plan to expand on this once I am qualified and see how yoga can be integrated into that part of my life.