Thai Massage

with Lyn (Orsara) Rogers

Traditional Thai Massage 

The massage focuses on specific pressure points and also employs some gently strengthening. No oil is used in this treatment.

Thai Massage helps release tension, increase vitality and create wholeness of mind, body and spirit. A good Thai Massage is deep, stimulating and invigorating, or a wonderful form of relaxation. Lyn uses her hands, elbows, knees and feet to apply the appropriate pressure, as well as gentle stretching positions.

Thai Deep tissue Massage 

Targets deeper layers of muscle tissue and so can be beneficial in releasing chronic tension in the muscles . There is more focus on acupressure points than stretches. Softer pressure can be applied if you would like a more relaxing experience . Thai deep tissue massage is excellent for relaxing and loosening tight muscles, tissues and stiff joints where deeper work is required. Benefits include improved circulation, balance, posture and flexibility. It can help ease stress, muscle fatigue and release “knots”. The relaxation benefits in turn help improve quality of sleep.


Foot massage 

Gentle pressure is applied to the reflex points in feet , this treatment eases tension in your whole body 


1 hour = £45.00