Yoga For Health

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yoga-for-health-at-shambhala-studiosThe very essence of Yoga is about the union of body and mind, breath and movement. It combines a dynamic form of physical exercise with a philosophy that can be easily applied to your everyday life.

When you practise yoga regularly:

you become supple, flexible, strong and fit
Yoga postures stretch and strengthen muscles and ligaments and put joints through their full range of movement.

you have good posture
The postures work on a deep level realigning the skeletal structure of the body. People who take up yoga often grow noticeably taller because their spine stretches and they learn to hold themselves properly

you look better
Firm muscle tone, bright eyes and clear complexion contribute to the radiant appearance of the men, women and children who practise yoga.

you live longer and remain healthy and vigorous, well into old age
Taking up yoga is the very best investment you can make towards a long, healthy and active life.

you breathe smoothly and efficiently
Yogic breathing strengthens the diaphragm and encourages deeper, freer breathing. ‘Breath is life’ and as correct breathing, learnt through yoga, becomes more and more habitual your energy levels and your health improve radically.

you sleep well
Stretching muscles and ligaments helps them to relax. Deep relaxation is a key ingredient of yoga and is conducive to deep, refreshing sleep.

you concentrate and focus well
Posture, yogic breathing, relaxation and meditation all help to calm and still the mind.

you cope well with stress
The improvements to your health and the ability to relax deeply that come with yoga make you more resilient. Your immune system strengthens and you can heal more quickly.

you have more energy and vitality
Many forms of exercise make you fit but can also be tiring. Yoga practise is energising.

you are more relaxed
Deep relaxation, so central to yoga, feeds into your daily life, reducing your stress level and making you more relaxed generally. One of yoga’s prime rewards is a sense of feeling comfortable in your body.

you enjoy increased self respect and self esteem
To practice yoga is to be kind to yourself, to nurture yourself, to ‘treat your body as your temple’. When you realise that you are beginning to transform your health and sense of well being through yoga you grow in self respect and self esteem.