What Our Clients Say


Jez Mancer – Personal Trainer & Client
“As a keen runner and triathlete, the training has a detrimental effect on my flexibility. In the past,the token efforts I have made to stretch after workouts have sometimes led to injuries as muscles have remained tight. I started Ashtanga yoga about 15 months ago and in that time my flexibility, core strength and balance have all improved and because yoga helps to lengthen muscles, I have had less injuries and run faster.

Graham Hawkins – Client
“I originally started yoga on the advice of my physio to help with a sports injury, it helped with the injury and 10 years later I still go but now to keep fit, relax & have fun.”

Ann Haslam – Client
“I started practising yoga in 2000 while pregnant as an alternative to my rigorous gym workouts and discovered that I loved the way yoga made me feel with the deep breathing and strengthening exercises. On discovering I had breast cancer in 2006 I took up daily practise and this really helped my resolve to heal. Following a couple of failed operations I went on a spiritual journey to heal myself and yoga is now part of my life. I used to practise in a gym but when Shambhala opened I gave up my gym membership and now practise at home or in the beautiful studio, a far more soothing atmosphere than a noisy gym.

Yoga for me is fantastic as each person can go at their own pace and I can practise with people who have less or more experience easily”

Jo Shaer – Client
“Years of poor posture and the constant wielding of my lollipop caused a repetitive strain injury to my shoulder and it was suggested that I try Pilates. Initially, I didn’t think I would ever be able to slow my energy down sufficiently to find either Pilates or Yoga of any value. However, it only took a couple of classes at Shambhala to understand that, although both disciplines may look as if there’s not a lot going on, like the proverbial duck’s legs under the surface, I began to discover exactly what my core muscles should have been doing to support me for all these years.

It didn’t matter that I was very unbendy and inflexible, the Pilates and Yoga instructors have all helped me to adapt the postures to suit my ability and improve the alignment of my spine and shoulders – with the addition of Tai Chi to help me relax and soften.

18 months on, I stand upright and I am no longer in pain; my whole ethos is so much calmer and I find myself craving the meditation part of each class if I don’t pitch up for my daily morning practice.”