Our Yoga Styles

“In my view, it is not useful to think of different styles of yoga; this is simply yoga, which comes from a vast and ancient source. The only authentic yoga is one which works for each person according to circumstances and needs, and there are many possibilities”

Desikachar, The Heart of Yoga

All ‘physical’ yoga is HATHA YOGA translating from Sanskrit as ‘yoga of the sun and moon’ and is thought to be the oldest form of yoga and is at the root of all other styles that have evolved.

Here at Shambhala we categorise our yoga classes into the following:

BEGINNERS YOGA these classes are suitable for anyone who hasn’t tried yoga before or those wishing to re-establish their practice.  These classes are also perfect for all students, at any level of experience, who are seeking a more mindful practice. They move in a slow, controlled manner through a wide range of postures whilst using the breath to help focus and calm the mind.

YOGA FOR ALL these classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to those with an already established practice. Some of the postures may be more challenging than in a ‘beginners’ yoga class.

DYNAMIC YOGA these classes are suitable for all levels, however, these are more challenging classes. If you have any injuries or health concerns or are a complete beginner we would recommend a ‘beginners’ class to start with.

YIN YOGA Yin Yoga is a slow, steady and often stationary practice of yoga where postures can be held for several minutes to develop a mindful and attentive awareness of relaxing the body, soothing the breath and quietening the mind. Holding postures for longer also allows the less elastic yin tissues of the body, particularly of the hips, pelvis and spine, to open up and give a sense of core softness and surrender.

Yin is suitable for all levels and abilities and is a perfect complement to dynamic (yang) activities.

ASHTANGA YOGA This is a strong, active class following the primary series of Ashtanga yoga. Not suitable for beginners.

 YOGA AND MINDFULNESS MEDITATION There is an option to stay for mindfulness meditation following the Thursday morning yoga class at an extra charge of £3.

PREGNANCY YOGA these classes are suitable for anyone who was already practicing yoga before becoming pregnant or from 14 weeks for those new to yoga. See our dedicated pregnancy page


All our classes contain postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and relaxation.

Take time to explore as many classes as you can. We have more than 15 qualified teachers and all of them convey their style in different ways.