What The Celebs Say

David and Victoria Beckham have told friends that weekly couples power yoga brought them closer together. David was originally introduced to Bikram yoga by basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at a steakhouse in Los Angeles a few years back and he enjoys the workout so much that he has been recommending it to his A List friends, Will Smith and Tom Cruise.

He is convinced that it will help him continue playing well into his forties.

Helen Mirren was papped at around the time of her 60th birthday looking fabulous in a red bikini. When asked how she maintained her figure, she revealed that she did four Sun Salutations every morning.

After her ‘splits’ on Strictly Come Dancing, Felicity Kendall explained that she maintains her lithe figure with “… hatha yoga. If I don’t do it, I feel stiff.”

“Yoga changed my life completely. My legs got leaner and my arms got strong. I’ve maybe even grown half an inch from aligning my spine,” Jennifer Aniston.

Ryan Giggs took up yoga when he approached his 30th birthday to prolong his sports career and has now released dvd – Giggs Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Inspired by Yoga

Apparently, passengers were enraged on a snow-bound plane stuck on the runway at Heathrow recently when Madonna began to practise her yoga in the aisles of First Class, whilst she waited.

Andy Murray, Andrew Strauss, Johnny Wilkinson and Emmanuel Adebayor are all self confessed yogis who practise to reduce injuries and to help the body and mind work more efficiently.

Even Lady Gaga has taken up yoga to make her ‘relax’. The singer admitted that she was ‘finding it hard to switch off at the end of the day’.