Emily Morris



Emily Morris is an experienced yoga and pilates teacher with a wealth of knowledge through working with many people of all levels, ages and different physical conditions.

Emily first came to yoga years ago while at university to help alleviate stress and anxiety and she soon felt the benefits of a regular practice. So much so that after a few years of working in the creative industry she realised that this was her true calling and so undertook her teacher training.
Emily is hypermobile in her spine and through over demonstrating in her yoga classes she found she was suffering with back pain. This is where pilates came to the rescue.
With regular pilates sessions Emily relieved the pain and built up strength in her back and core as well as a different awareness of her body. Emily was keen to share this miraculous practice and believes wholeheartedly that a yoga and pilates create a harmony within the body and mind like no other.
As well as being totally in love with teaching yoga and pilates, Emily’s other passions include Ayurveda, travel, art, fashion and growing interests in herbology and crystal meditations.