Lisa Young

I went to my first yoga class at 14. Having never excelled in competitive sports or dance, I was intrigued by the freedom that this ancient practice seemed to offer. I fell in love with the way that it made me feel and was inspired by the fact that it was practised by people of all ages and abilities. Initially drawn to the physical practice , as my asana practice developed, I soon realised the benefits of stress release through Pranayama (breathing techniques) and relaxation.

I am fortunate to have worked with many fantastic teachers and experienced some incredible adventures whilst exploring different disciplines in this multi-faceted practice. From a structured and disciplined practice within Ashrams in India, to the more relaxed sojourns in the UK, each experience has left a lasting impression upon me and my teaching.

I qualified as a British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Teacher in 2007 and have completed BWY Pranayama module. I have had the pleasure of teaching the whole spectrum of different abilities, from complete beginners to lifelong devotees to the practice. I am passionate about making yoga accessible to all and believe that yoga can be adapted to suit every individual.

My style of teaching balances strength and flexibility in order to practice in a way that complements our body rather than working against it, using the breath as a tool to bring focus and calm, both on and off of the mat.