Howard Napper – Spine and Chest Workshop


Sunday 1st July 2012




‘The Spine and Chest Openings’


A proper understanding of the spine is fundamental for almost all yoga postures.  But more importantly, 8 out of 10 people will experience back pain related to the spine at some point in their lives. Although this workshop will cover the spine in general, it will mainly concentrate on lower backs, as it is problems with this area that can restrict our daily activities, reduce our work capacity and diminish our quality of life.  After all there is the old saying “You are only as young as your spine”.  With a combination of theory and practice, this workshop is the ideal opportunity to understand how, through yoga’s emphasis on the breath, alignment and strength, we have the possibility to unlock the spine’s power in our daily life.

Howard Napper is known for his open approach to the practice. He has sold over three and a half million yoga DVD’s and has also co-authored the best selling book Pilates and Yoga. He writes for a number of magazines and has lectured and taught throughout the world.


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