Mark Freeth Workshop at Shambhala

Back in September, Shambhala Studios were lucky enough to hold a seminar with Mark Freeth.

Mark has been practising yoga for 14 years and teaching full-time for nine. For most of that time, he was an Ashtanga Vinyasa man, but over the last couple of years he’s been experimenting and playing with the practice.

After having been influenced by the Kula Yoga Project in NYC and Edward Clark of Tripsichore Yoga, he began looking outside of the ‘Ashtanga box and his goal these days is to encourage students to explore what their bodies and minds are capable of without any particular allegience to one form of yoga or another.

He still practices and teaches dynamic, vinyasa yoga, but with special emphasis on vinyasa krama – the linking of breath and movement-related postures towards a particular end – whether it be handstands, leg-behind-head or that elusive jump-back/jump-thru.

Everyone is welcome in his classes, workshops and retreats – from whatever yogic discipline you come. All Mark asks is that you bring an open mind, childlike courage and a sense of humour!

Mark is the founder of The Freestyle Yoga Project and can be contacted at or on 07833 624398

We hope that he will return to Shambhala in 2011.

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