Pilates in Southend

If you’re looking for Pilates in Southend, you should check out the classes at Shambala Studios in Leigh-on-Sea.

Whilst Pilates is recommended for those with backache, weak abdominals (core stability), stress incontinence, poor posture and rehabilitation after injury or surgery, it also helps to exercise your body to protect it from problems in later life.

There are classes at Shambhala Studios to suit all age groups and abilities, some with a specific focus and back and core, whilst others are more generally based and ideally suited for those who need to destress both mind and body.

I don’t think anyone would be surprised to learn that the majority of recurring headaches, neck aches and backaches in this day and age are experienced by desk bound office workers as the cause of these is invariably posture or stress-related.

Ergonomically, most work stations leave a lot to be desired and the intensity of the work ethos makes things even worse. The demands of keeping a job in today’s economic climate mean that many office workers spend their lives hunched over a keyboard with their telephone trapped between ear and shoulder – a problem which is exacerbated by the ever decreasing size of mobile phones – with no time to take a break for lunch or even to just have a walk round the office to stretch out their groaning spines.

These stresses can put huge pressure on the back and shoulder muscles and cause misalignments of the spine and pelvis. Instead of the wonderful S shape, it reverts to a concave C shape with the hips and necks pushed forward and the rest of the back curved in between.

You can see the problem best when they try to drive their cars – very few people are able to lean back against the head rest because their spines are so used to being in that C shape that they naturally hunch forward over the steering wheel.

Even the specialist back chairs where the user kneels on one pad and sits on another can produce problems because there is the temptation to slouch forward into one hip if used for long periods without having the core strength to maintain a good posture.

So many work days are lost to back pain that it is surprising more companies do not engage Pilates instructors to teach their workforce how to sit at their desks in such a way that these stresses and strains can be avoided.

If you are not in such a lucky position, you have to address the issue yourself and will be looking around for a local class.

Pilates in Southend

At Shambhala Studios, the teacher will always have a chat with you before the class to ascertain if there are any medical conditions or injuries that need to be addressed so that she can modify any of the postures to accommodate your needs and improve the effects of the exercises specifically for you.

Our Pilates classes are led by qualified teachers who will make sure they are aware of your physical situation so that nothing could adversely affect your health.

The important thing to remember is that nothing should hurt during the class. You should not compare yourself to other more experienced students but work within your own comfort zone. The teachers will give varying levels of difficulty and it is perfectly acceptable to stay at the beginner level throughout. Trying to perform at a higher degree of intensity before your abdominal muscles are ready can be counter productive and result in damage.

There is no legislation about certification to teach Pilates and at Shambala Studios we take pride in the quality and attention to detail of our teachers.

What equipment will I need to do Pilates in Southend

Whilst your teacher will be dressed in relatively tight clothing so that you can see the movements she is demonstrating, you should wear loose comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. The class will be a combination of relaxing experience and muscular workout.

The classes at Shambhala Studios are done in bare feet as there is a beautiful wooden floor with heating underfoot and mats for all students.

All students are provided with any necessary bands, blocks, blankets or bolsters to ensure that your body is in the correct alignment for each posture.

Some teachers like to accompany the class with some gentle and relaxing music, whilst in the evening there are also soft lighting and candles

To find out more about our Pilates classes in Southend, call 01702 478924 or check out our timetable

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    How much does the classes cost? I would like to start Pilates classes, and wanted some more information with times etc

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