Preparing for a Stress-Free Event

Whether it’s your wedding, one of those birthdays ending with a zero, an anniversary… or even your dream holiday, planning an event can knock the stuffing out of you to the extent that you don’t actually enjoy your big day.

Many people find themselves falling victim to continuous colds or mysterious lethargic ailments that make it impossible to function properly. Others spend the entirety of the pre-event weeks in a seething mess of pent up rage, frustration and emotion.

So, here’s a countdown of things you can do to help maintain the calm equilibrium that allows you to cope with the stresses of project/man management.

Preparing Your Head

First of all, you need to get your mind in shape.

Yoga and/or meditation is a gentle way to find the inner peace that stops worries from destroying you from the inside out. See our timetable to find the class to suit you. Alison Palmby runs Mindfulness Meditation classes on Wednesday evenings at 21.15 and Thursday mornings at 11.30.

With its self-healing mantras and a methodology which encourages non-harming and self-love, regular classes in either will help you to balance your emotions and not fly off the handle when that final straw hits the camel’s back.

For some, the lead up to taking marriage vows or indeed the reaching of a milestone can be a time of great personal trauma.

A session with a Hypnotherapist can help get your head around any previous traumas that may be causing second thoughts and is an invaluable way of preparing yourself to spend a lifetime with the wo/man of your dreams – even if that person is actually yourself.

Preparing Your Body

Physically, yoga can help to stimulate your organs too but, when used in conjunction with a few treatments from an acupuncturist, the increased blood flow to those areas of your body that might be sluggish can result in noticeable improvements in your general feeling of well being.

Massage is another therapy that can help to ease the aches and pains caused by our body’s method of holding tension in response to stressful situations.

Preparing Your Face

Stress can play havoc with your complexion so specialised skin treatments which can help to rebalance these damaging effects will leave you ready to face the day.

Choosing Your Event Suppliers

When it comes to organising the big day itself, get testimonials from friends who are happy to recommend local photographers, venues, caterers and cake makers. Being able to rely on an expert to get the job done takes a huge weight off your mind and part of the burden from your shoulders.

Agree on your requirements and the best way for the supplier to plan and achieve those ends to your satisfaction and then sit back and let someone else take the strain.

Looking After Your Property Whilst You’re Away

What many people forget is that a big event will attract a certain amount of publicity.

Bouquets and buttonholes going into a house.
Limousines waiting outside.
Announcements of a forthcoming wedding or funeral in the local newspaper.

These are all tell-tale signs to any watching predator that some event is in the offing which may mean that there are valuable gifts inside the house – and a timeframe in which to nab them.

A home burglar alarm and/or CCTV system can take another weight off your shoulders with the knowledge that it will not be easy for intruders to gain access to your empty home and walk off with your valuables.

Article originally published by The Therapy Life Centre

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