Yoga Class For Pregnancy

Today, there around 2,000 pregnant women in the UK; 2,000 women whose bodies are changing and preparing for the Big Event: the birth of the baby.

It’s the most natural thing in the world – and yoga can make this beautiful process more enjoyable, both for mother and baby. Practising yoga has helped millions of women to feel more in touch with their bodies during pregnancy than at any other time during their lives. It helps women to observe the changes their bodies are going through, to connect with their babies and to experience the benefits of gentle exercise.

The stretches and movements of a pregnancy yoga class are perfectly in tune with a woman’s body as it prepares for the baby’s arrival. It won’t necessarily make pregnancy and birth easier, but the increased self-awareness and flexibility yoga brings can give expectant mothers the self-confidence to ‘go with the flow’ and cope with whatever happens.

As always with yoga, the emphasis is on what is right for the individual, so there is no pressure to try to do more than feels comfortable. Physically, the classes gently and naturally strengthen and open your body; emotionally and spiritually, the breathing exercises help to increase calm, focus and balance while the relaxation techniques aid in the release of deeply-held tensions.

Pregnancy yoga’s easy, intuitive movements, stretches and posture work promote the well-being of both mother and baby and offers birthing partners the opportunity to share in the preparation; they can experience the same yoga postures and learn powerful breathing, relaxation and massage techniques.
And pregnancy yoga workshops are also a great place to meet other women in the same boat.

Shambhala’s Pregnancy workshop, Sunday 10th July, 10am-12noon, £30 pounds per couple. Call 01702 478924. Always check with your midwife or doctor before starting yoga.

Carolyn Higgs is Shambhala’s pregnancy yoga teacher. She has been teaching for eight years.

The studio, at Unit 11, Leighcliff Bldg, Maple Avenue, Leigh on Sea, SS9 1DJ provides acupuncture, massage and reflexology specifically for pregnant women or those wanting to conceive.

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